A Smithfield statue

In fact a statue above the West entrance to St Bartholomew’s hospital. The hospital was founded in the 12th century by Rahere as part of a priory. It was given a reprieve by Henry viii in 1546 after the priory was dissolved. Hence the statue of Henry, believed to be the only outdoor statue of him in London. Find out more about Rahere and the priory on our Smithfield walk.

Lovely building

What a lovely building! What the picture shows is the entrance to St Bartholomew the great church. Once a mighty church and part of a priory it has survived relatively unscathed for centuries. Learn more about it on our Smithfield  walk.

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A Caring Profession

It’s here! The Tuesday Teaser!

What a wonderful stained glass window dedicated to a caring profession. But where is it? Find out on our Smithfield or our Churches -West walk! Book here: http://prwalks.co.uk/contact-me.php